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  Grade: 7  
  Select a component and you will automatically be redirected to the list of grade level expectations.  
  1. The student understands and uses different skills and strategies to read.  
  1.1. Use word recognition skills and strategies to read and comprehend text.  
  1.2. Use vocabulary (word meaning) strategies to comprehend text.  
  1.3. Build vocabulary through wide reading.  
  1.4. Apply word recognition skills and strategies to read fluently.  
  2. The student understands the meaning of what is read.  
  2.1. Demonstrate evidence of reading comprehension.  
  2.2. Understand and apply knowledge of text components to comprehend text.  
  2.3. Expand comprehension by analyzing, interpreting, and synthesizing information and ideas in literary and informational text.  
  2.4. Think critically and analyze author’s use of language, style, purpose, and perspective in literary and informational text.  
  3. The student reads different materials for a variety of purposes.  
  3.1. Read to learn new information.  
  3.2. Read to perform a task.  
  3.3. Read for career applications.  
  3.4. Read for literary experience in a variety of genres.  
  4. The student sets goals and evaluates progress to improve reading.  
  4.1. Assess reading strengths and need for improvement.  
  4.2. Develop interests and share reading experiences.