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Science, 2009
  Grade Level:   2-3  
  EALR 3:   Application  
  Big Idea:   Application (APP)  
  Core Content:   Solving Problems                   
  Description:   In earlier grades, students learned to use simple tools and materials to solve problems in creative ways. In grades 2-3 students develop the ability to design a solution to a simple problem, using an elementary version of the technological design process. They also increase their abilities to use tools and materials to design and build something that solves a problem. Students can apply these abilities in their daily lives.  
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2-3 APPA Simple problems can be solved through a technological design process that includes: defining the problem, gathering information, exploring ideas, making a plan, testing possible solutions to see which is best, and communicating the results. 2-3 APPB Scientific ideas and discoveries can be applied to solving problems. 2-3 APPC People in all cultures around the world have always had problems and invented tools and techniques (ways of doing something) to solve problems. 2-3 APPD Tools help scientists see more, measure more accurately, and do things that they could not otherwise accomplish.2-3 APPE Successful solutions to problems often depend on selection of the best tools and materials and on previous experience.