Social Studies
  Grade Level:   9  
  EALR:   2. ECONOMICS The student applies understanding of economic concepts and systems to analyze decision-making and the interactions between individuals, households, businesses, governments, and societies.  
  Anchor Standard:   2.1 Understands that people have to make choices between wants and needs and evaluate the outcomes of those choices.  
  Grade Level Expectation:   2.1.1 Analyzes how the costs and benefits of economic choices have shaped events in the world in the past or present.  
-Examines how competition for natural resources contributed to the beginning of World War I and World War II.
-Examines how the French bourgeoisie's commercial success contributed to the beginning of the French Revolution.
-Examines how latifundistas' decisions to expand their plantations contributed to the desire in Latin America for independence from Spain.
Suggested Unit
  • World—Age of Revolutions (1750—1917)