Social Studies
  Grade Level:   9  
  EALR:   2. ECONOMICS The student applies understanding of economic concepts and systems to analyze decision-making and the interactions between individuals, households, businesses, governments, and societies.  
  Anchor Standard:   2.2 Understands how economic systems function.  
  Grade Level Expectation:   2.2.1 Understands and analyzes how planned and market economies have shaped the production, distribution, and consumption of goods, services, and resources around the world in the past or present.  
-Explains how competition in a market system among sellers and buyers affects costs and prices.
-Compares how the free market economy in Pinochet's Chile differed from the planned economy in Castro's Cuba in meeting their peoples' needs and wants.
-Compares the market economies of Taiwan and China.
-Examines the changes in economic systems that occurred as a result of the African Independence Movement.
Suggested Unit
  • World—Emergence and Development of New Nations (1900—present)