Social Studies
  Grade Level:   9  
  EALR:   4. HISTORY The student understands and applies knowledge of historical thinking, chronology, eras, turning points, major ideas, individuals, and themes in local, Washington State, tribal, United States, and world history in order to evaluate how history shapes the present and future.  
  Anchor Standard:   4.4 Uses history to understand the present and plan for the future.  
  Grade Level Expectation:   4.4.1 Analyzes how an understanding of world history can help us prevent problems today.  
-Examines the United Nations' ability to fight the spread of AIDS worldwide based on the success of international public health campaigns in the past.
-Examines how study of the Holocaust has led to efforts to prevent genocide across the world.
Suggested Unit
  • World—Challenges to Democracy and Human Rights (1945—present)