Social Studies
  Grade Level:   11  
  EALR:   3. GEOGRAPHY The student uses a spatial perspective to make reasoned decisions by applying the concepts of location, region, and movement and demonstrating knowledge of how geographic features and human cultures impact environments.  
  Anchor Standard:   3.2 Understands human interaction with the environment.  
  Grade Level Expectation:   3.2.1 Analyzes and evaluates human interaction with the environment in the United States in the past or present.  
-Weighs the benefits and negative consequences of the damming of the Colorado and Columbia Rivers.
-Examines the conditions leading to the passage of the Clean Air Act.
-Examines the interaction between geographic factors and the social, economic, and cultural aspects of a historical question.
Suggested Unit
  • U.S.—Movements and Issues at Home (1945—1991)