Social Studies
  Grade Level:   12  
  EALR:   3. GEOGRAPHY The student uses a spatial perspective to make reasoned decisions by applying the concepts of location, region, and movement and demonstrating knowledge of how geographic features and human cultures impact environments.  
  Anchor Standard:   3.2 Understands human interaction with the environment.  
  Grade Level Expectation:   3.2.1 Evaluates how human interaction with the environment has affected economic growth and sustainability.  
-Critiques the positive benefits and negative consequences of breaching the Columbia River dams.
-Critiques the consequences of deforestation and coffee production in Colombia.
-Critiques the impact of the Brendale decision on the use of Yakama reservation land.
-Critiques the impact of the Cushman case on the health of the Skokomish River.
-Critiques the efforts of the Peruvian experiment with Incan farming techniques.
Suggested Unit
  • CWP—Environmental Issues