Social Studies
  Grade Level:   5  
  EALR:   4. HISTORY The student understands and applies knowledge of historical thinking, chronology, eras, turning points, major ideas, individuals, and themes in local, Washington State, tribal, United States, and world history in order to evaluate how history shapes the present and future.  
  Anchor Standard:   4.2 Understands and analyzes causal factors that have shaped major events in history.  
  Grade Level Expectation:   4.2.3 Understands how technology and ideas have affected the way people lived and changed their values, beliefs, and attitudes.  
-Explains how the idea of individual rights led to the creation of the Bill of Rights.
-Explains how the printing press was used to print the Declaration of Independence in newspapers throughout the thirteen colonies, which led to an interest in democratic movements.
-Explains how the idea of democracy led the colonists to seek change by fighting Great Britain in the Revolutionary War.
Suggested Unit
  • U.S—Founding the Nation