Science, 2009
  Grade Level:   K-1  
  EALR 2:   Inquiry  
  Big Idea:   Inquiry (INQ)  
  Core Content:   Making Observations                   
  Description:   Students learn that scientific investigations involve trying to answer questions by making observations or trying things out, rather than just asking an adult. Children are naturally curious about nearly everything—butterflies and clouds, and why the Moon seems to follow them at night. The essence of this standard is to channel students' natural curiosity about the world, so that they become better questioners, observers, and thinkers, laying the groundwork for increasing understanding and abilities in science inquiry in the years to come.  
  Content Standard:   K-1 INQC —Explain and Infer— Scientists develop explanations using recorded observations (evidence).  
Students are expected to:
  • Describe patterns of data recorded, using tallies, tables, picture graphs, or bar-type graphs.*c
  • Participate in a discussion of how the recorded data (evidence) might help to explain the observations.
    Mathematics Connection
  • *c   1.5.B    Ask and answer comparison questions about data.