Science, 2009
  Grade Level:   K-1  
  EALR 3:   Application  
  Big Idea:   Application (APP)  
  Core Content:   Tools and Materials                   
  Description:   Students learn to use simple tools (e.g., pencils, scissors) and materials (e.g., paper, tape, glue, and cardboard) to solve problems in creative ways. Though students have a natural inclination to use tools and materials to make things, guidance is required to channel these interests into solving a practical problem. Although students are not expected to make a distinction between science and technology at this age, they can and should develop the idea that tools and materials can be used to solve problems, and that many problems can have more than one solution.  
  Content Standard:   K-1 APPA Common tools can be used to solve problems.  
Students are expected to:
  • Use simple tools and materials to solve a simple problem (e.g., make a paper or cardboard box to hold seeds so they won't get lost).*a
    Mathematics Connection
  • *a    K.5.D, 1.6.D    Select from a variety of problem-solving strategies and use one or more strategies to solve a problem.