Science, 2009
  Grade Level:   K-1  
  EALR 4:   Life Science  
  Big Idea:   Ecosystems (LS2)  
  Core Content:   Habitats                   
  Description:   Students learn that all plants and animals live in and depend on habitats. Earth has many different habitats, and these different habitats support the life of many different plants and animals, including humans. People have the ability to make rapid changes in natural habitats and to keep a habitat healthy so that living conditions can be maintained.  
  Content Standard:   K-1 LS2C Humans can change natural habitats in ways that can be helpful or harmful for the plants and animals that live there.  
Students are expected to:
  • List two or more things that humans do that might harm plants and animals in a given habitat (e.g., throwing litter in a pond might cause difficulty for water birds and fish to find food or might poison the plants and animals that live there).
  • Communicate ways that humans protect habitats and/or improve conditions for the growth of the plants and animals that live there (e.g., reuse or recycle products to avoid littering).