Science, 2009
  Grade Level:   4-5  
  EALR 3:   Application  
  Big Idea:   Application (APP)  
  Core Content:   Different Technologies                   
  Description:   In earlier grades, students learned to design a solution to a simple problem, using an elementary version of the technological design process. In grades 4-5 students learn to distinguish between science and technology and to work individually and collaboratively to produce a product of their own design. They learn that people in different cultures use different materials and technologies to meet their same daily needs and increase their understanding of tools and materials. Students also develop their abilities to define problems that can be solved by modifying or inventing technologies, to create and test their designs, and to communicate what they learned. These capabilities help students understand the value of science and technology to meet human needs and provide them with valuable skills for everyday life.  
  Content Standard:   4-5 APPA Technology involves changing the natural world to meet human needs or wants.  
Students are expected to:
  • Describe ways that people use technology to meet their needs and wants (e.g., text messages to communicate with friends, use bicycles or cars for transportation).