Science, 2009
  Grade Level:   9-12  
  EALR 2:   Inquiry  
  Big Idea:   Inquiry (INQ)  
  Core Content:   Conducting Analyses and Thinking Logically                   
  Description:   In prior grades students learned to revise questions so they can be answered scientifically. In grades 9-12 students extend and refine their understanding of the nature of inquiry and their ability to formulate questions, propose hypotheses, and design, conduct, and report on investigations. Refinement includes an increased understanding of the kinds of questions that scientists ask and how the results reflect the research methods and the criteria that scientific arguments are judged by. Increased abilities include competence in using mathematics, a closer connection between student-planned investigations and existing knowledge, improvements in communication and collaboration, and participation in a community of learners.  
  Content Standard:   9-12 INQC Explain Conclusions must be logical, based on evidence, and consistent with prior established knowledge.  
Students are expected to:
  • Draw conclusions supported by evidence from the investigation and consistent with established scientific knowledge.*c
  • Analyze alternative explanations and decide which best fits the data and evidence.*d
    Mathematics Connections
  • *c   A1.6.B   Make valid inferences and draw conclusions based on data.
          A1.8.G   Synthesize information to draw conclusions and evaluate the arguments and conclusions of others.
  • *d   A1.6.D   Find the equation of a linear function that best fits bivariate data that are linearly related, interpret the slope and the y-intercept of the line, and use the equation to make predictions.
          A1.8.H   Use inductive reasoning about algebra and the properties of numbers to make conjectures, and use deductive reasoning to prove or disprove conjectures.