Science, 2009
  Grade Level:   9-12  
  EALR 4:   Physical Science  
  Big Idea:   Energy: Transfer, Transformation, and Conservation (PS3)  
  Core Content:   Transformation and Conservation of Energy                   
  Description:   In prior grades students learned to apply the concept of "energy" in various settings. In grades 9-11 students learn fundamental concepts of energy, including the Law of Conservation of Energy—that the total amount of energy in a closed system is constant. Other key concepts include gravitational potential and kinetic energy, how waves transfer energy, the nature of sound, and the electromagnetic spectrum. Energy concepts are essential for understanding all of the domains of science (EALR 4), from the ways that organisms get energy from their environment, to the energy that drives weather systems and volcanoes.  
  Content Standard:   9-11 PS3A Although energy can be transferred from one object to another and can be transformed from one form of energy to another form, the total energy in a closed system remains the same. The concept of conservation of energy, applies to all physical and chemical changes.  
Students are expected to:
  • Describe a situation in which energy is transferred from one place to another and explain how energy is conserved.*a
  • Describe a situation in which energy is transformed from one form to another and explain how energy is conserved.*a
    Mathematics Connection
  • *a    G.6.F    Solve problems involving measurement conversions within and between systems, including those involving derived units, and analyze solutions in terms of reasonableness of solutions and appropriate units.